Denver Broncos News: 5 Players Released

Yesterday, 2/11, it was announced that the Broncos are letting go of 5 players.

Running Back – Anthony Alridge (I wanted to murder the announcers for adding a d when saying his name, it is not AlDridge jerks!). Saw no action, was on the IR all year.

Running Back – Alex Haynes. Saw no action, which is saying something since it was at the point of having the water boy carrying the ball.

Tight End – Chad “doesn’t seem to cut the” Mustard (yuck yuck, sorry). Played in 8 games, registered no statistics.

Running Back – P.J. Pope. I know he ended up on the IR, but I am a little surprised here. He played in 5 games, starting 1 and registered 130 yards rushing on 17 carries (7.6 average) as well as 3 receptions for 24 yards and a touchdown.

Wide Receiver – Cliff Russell. Cliff played in 2 games and registered no statistics.

I am a little curious on the decision to let Pope go, I know he is not “premier” backs but he did step up when asked to during the flurry of injuries at the running back position this year before he added to that list along with Alridge who saw no action. it certainly will fuel some draft drama. Mustard and Haynes have both had various stints with Denver so it would not shock me to see them back at some point again. Russell is promising in terms of talent, but with Denver having a strong core of receivers he is on the practice squad at best right now.


Denver Broncos News: Young and Pope to the IR

Yesterday it was announced that Selvin Young ruptured a disc in his neck and P.J. Pope tore his hamstring in the loss Sunday to Buffalo.

I have never as a Broncos fan seen such an injury-plagued season like this one.  So far this year, Denver has lost 7…count them 7 running backs to the Injured Reserve list for the season.

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Broncos Week 16 Post-Game Analysis: Buffalo at Denver


Honestly, the season is over.

I hate to be negative and all doom and gloomy…but Denver just cannot win the games they need to and after a 30 – 23 loss AT HOME against the Bills they will have to beat San Diego in their house to win the division.  No team, in the history of the NFL has ever blown a 3 game divisional lead with 3 games to go.  Get ready Bronco fans, we are about to make history.  Here is my take on the game, and P.S. I hate football.

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Broncos Week 15 Post-Game Analysis: Denver at Carolina


It has been a few weeks, for the 2 people (counting myself) that visit the site, I apologize.  Work, family, holidays, life, etc.  Anyhoo, I am back and ready to talk about the puzzling Broncos.

In week 14 Denver could have clinched the AFC West by…

a) Beating Carolina


b) Kansas City beating San Diego

Personally, I thought the best chance was option b.  Kansas City has been playing better and are tough at Arrowhead in the winter months.  San Diego has sucked this year, and this seemed like the most likely scenario.  Carolina is one of the top 3 (my opinion) teams in the league and at home, I was not expecting a Denver win.  Imagine my joy when I watched the Chiefs beat the Chargers until the network switched over to the Bronco game.  Before it switched, the Chargers had just scored to make it 21 – 16 in favor of KC.  With a minute or so left, and the Chargers needing to get the onside kick AND score, I figured it was in the bag.

Thanks a lot Kansas City, not only did you manage to let them get the onside kick and then score, but you also blew the chance to win on a field goal attempt after.  How dare you make Denver win the division on their own merit!!

Here is my take on the drubbing (I called it) that Carolina handed Denver, 30 – 10…

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