Denver Broncos News: 6 More Players Released

Last week the Broncos unloaded 5 players, today it was announced that 6 more players are gone.

Defensive End – John Engelberger.  He just does not have the pass rush necessary to be on the line, decent against the run just was not enough.  Hard working guy, but not cutting it.

Tight End – Nate Jackson.  An injury waiting to happen, I like his drive but rumor has it he tore both ACLs on the way to coach McDaniel’s office.

Line Backer – Niko Koutouvides.  I thought he would work out better than he did, but as it is the experiment is over.  Would be decent on special teams but Denver needs more than that right now.

Strong Safety – Marquand Manuel.  Another free-agent pickup from last year that never worked out.  Hopefully McCree follows him out.  Safety is one of the top 3 concerns for Denver, even with Manuel.

Defensive Tackle – DeWayne Robertson.  Seeing a trend here?  Yet another one year rental that did not work out.  I actually thought he played decent this past year but his hit on the cap is too much to bear, adios.

Line Backer – Jamie Winborn.  He had some moments but was out of position more times than not.  That and I don’t believe he and new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan have a great history dating back to their days with the 49ers.

So there it is, 11 so far and I am sure more to come.  This frees up even more cap for Denver heading into the off season.  McCree and Bly should be next in my opinion, and with 10 days until free-agency I think we are in for a ride Bronco Nation!