Marshall, Marshall, Marshall!


Sorry, I had to.  The league announced that the March 1st incident involving Broncos star receiver Brandon Marshall and his new fiancee will not cost him a game next year.  But not so fast, he still has an upcoming case for two counts of misdemeanor battery last year during the off season.  Hopefully it all blows over and he misses no time but I really, really hope he grows up.  I hate to be Mr. negative but I doubt it.


In an interview with KDVR, Marshall says “I’m thankful to the league and their findings today, but this is also a continuance of me looking into the mirror and growing into the man I know I should be,”. Yes Brandon, that should have happened last year.  Denver doesn’t need another distraction this year, not with a new coach and new system and virtually a new team.  Here’s to some optimism I suppose.  He has TO talent with a Pac Man head about sums it up I think.  Eventually the league, the fans and probably Broncos new coach Josh McDaniels will grow tired of the “incidents” whether he is legally guilty or not.  The fact is, he should be working at removing himself from certain situations to begin with and this won’t happen.  Wait, didn’t we say this last year too? Ugh.


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