Denver Broncos News: J.J. Arrington Released

Good lord, has it really been 3 weeks since my last Broncos blog? Sorry…wow.


The Denver Broncos announced today that they have released running back J.J. Arrington after he failed a physical.  It is not really a big surprise to me, Arrington had knee issues to begin with and Denver is pretty deep with talent at the position, especially after using the #12 pick on the highly touted Knowshon Moreno in this years draft.

Arrington signed with the team on the first day of free agency but the deal was shut down by some contractual issues.  Denver eventually picked him back up.  He did sort of seem like the odd man out to me although Denver could sign him again later if they want to.  Let’s hope that if they do, he is 100%.


Denver Broncos Free Agency: Everette Pedescleaux, Defensive Lineman

Everette Pedescleaux, Defensive Lineman out of Northern Iowa

At 6’6″ and 305 lbs. this could be just what the doctor ordered for a Denver defensive line that sorely needs some size and power.  Pedescleaux looks like he could be a great run-stuffing defensive tackle and will absolutely get the opportunity for the spot given the state of the Denver defensive line.  An odd tidbit is his knack for blocking kicks.  In college he blocked 4 kicks, making him a pretty good option on the special teams unit at minimum.

Denver Broncos Free Agency: Jeff Schweiger, Line Backer

Jeff Schweiger, Line Backer out of San Jose State

I think this young man could be a real find. At 6’5″ and 276 lbs. he can play line backer or defensive end which will fit well into Denver’s new 3-4 system. He played at USC for 3 years where he won a national championship in 2004, then transferred to San Jose State. This is one player I will watch for sure during camps, I think he can be a contributor immediately.

Denver Broncos Free Agency: Braxton Kelley, Line Backer

Braxton Kelley, Line Backer out of Kentucky

I like this signing, Kelley is a lot like current Bronco linebacker Wesley Woodyard who he played with in high school and college. He could be a great option for depth at line backer but also an impact player on special teams which is a very good thing. If he has half of the energy that Woodyard brought every down, we have a great player here.

Denver Broncos Free Agency: Lucas Taylor, Wide Receiver

Lucas Taylor, Wide Receiver out of Tennessee

Hey look, we signed another receiver! Hahaha, I kid, I kid. Taylor will join many other receivers looking to make the roster and I think he has a decent chance actually. He put up some big numbers which is no small feat in the powerhouse SEC and seems to have some speed. I think this could be one of the free agent steals of the year, the key for Taylor is setting himself apart of a deep receiving camp for Denver.

Denver Broncos Free Agency: Nate Swift, Wide Receiver

Nate Swift, Wide Receiver out of Nebraska

I know I sound like a broken record but I think Swift may fall victim to being one of too many options at wide receiver during camp. He has the tools although he is a little slow. Great hands and solid route running and a pretty obvious desire to play could help his cause. I like the kind of player he looks like he can be, I am just interested to see if he gets the shot.

Denver Broncos Free Agency: Travis Shelton, Wide Receiver

Travis Shelton, Wide Receiver out of Temple


Shelton is an interesting pickup and one I can see bringing special teams depth if anything. He is the right size to be a slot receiver but the Broncos have an absolute logjam there. He is however a very good return man, but then again that is what they said about Eddie Royal last year and he seemed to work out well. This kid has talent, no doubt about that…I am just not sure there is room for another receiver.