Denver Broncos News: Dre Bly Released

5 players last week, 6 yesterday…and today one more.  Today it was announced that the Broncos have released veteran corner back Dre Bly.  Bly spent 2 years in Denver racking up 134 tackles and 7 interceptions.  Bly has weathered a ton of criticism, from myself included, and seemed to give up too many big plays to be counted on any longer as a solid #2 corner.

This certainly does add to the already interesting player moves and uncertain future and look of the Denver Bronco defense.  I suspect Denver has their eye on a free agent corner back already, but only time will tell.


Denver Broncos News: 6 More Players Released

Last week the Broncos unloaded 5 players, today it was announced that 6 more players are gone.

Defensive End – John Engelberger.  He just does not have the pass rush necessary to be on the line, decent against the run just was not enough.  Hard working guy, but not cutting it.

Tight End – Nate Jackson.  An injury waiting to happen, I like his drive but rumor has it he tore both ACLs on the way to coach McDaniel’s office.

Line Backer – Niko Koutouvides.  I thought he would work out better than he did, but as it is the experiment is over.  Would be decent on special teams but Denver needs more than that right now.

Strong Safety – Marquand Manuel.  Another free-agent pickup from last year that never worked out.  Hopefully McCree follows him out.  Safety is one of the top 3 concerns for Denver, even with Manuel.

Defensive Tackle – DeWayne Robertson.  Seeing a trend here?  Yet another one year rental that did not work out.  I actually thought he played decent this past year but his hit on the cap is too much to bear, adios.

Line Backer – Jamie Winborn.  He had some moments but was out of position more times than not.  That and I don’t believe he and new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan have a great history dating back to their days with the 49ers.

So there it is, 11 so far and I am sure more to come.  This frees up even more cap for Denver heading into the off season.  McCree and Bly should be next in my opinion, and with 10 days until free-agency I think we are in for a ride Bronco Nation!

Denver Broncos News: 5 Players Released

Yesterday, 2/11, it was announced that the Broncos are letting go of 5 players.

Running Back – Anthony Alridge (I wanted to murder the announcers for adding a d when saying his name, it is not AlDridge jerks!). Saw no action, was on the IR all year.

Running Back – Alex Haynes. Saw no action, which is saying something since it was at the point of having the water boy carrying the ball.

Tight End – Chad “doesn’t seem to cut the” Mustard (yuck yuck, sorry). Played in 8 games, registered no statistics.

Running Back – P.J. Pope. I know he ended up on the IR, but I am a little surprised here. He played in 5 games, starting 1 and registered 130 yards rushing on 17 carries (7.6 average) as well as 3 receptions for 24 yards and a touchdown.

Wide Receiver – Cliff Russell. Cliff played in 2 games and registered no statistics.

I am a little curious on the decision to let Pope go, I know he is not “premier” backs but he did step up when asked to during the flurry of injuries at the running back position this year before he added to that list along with Alridge who saw no action. it certainly will fuel some draft drama. Mustard and Haynes have both had various stints with Denver so it would not shock me to see them back at some point again. Russell is promising in terms of talent, but with Denver having a strong core of receivers he is on the practice squad at best right now.

Sharpe falls short in Hall of Fame prestige

Well, there’s always next year right?

I have no doubt that Shannon Sharpe will be in the hall of fame, it is really just a matter of when.  This year he had a pretty strong list to beat out for a spot and he fell just short.

Among the inductees chosen over Sharpe this year are the late Bob Hayes, Randall McDaniel, the late Derrick Thomas, Bruce Smith, Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr. and the great cornerback/safety Rod Woodson.

Looking at this list it is hard to be upset, congratulations to this year’s Hall of Fame class!