Denver Broncos News: Player Moves

As I expected, the Broncos made a few player moves today after some injuries this season at key positions.

One of the more interesting choices was the signing of wide receiver Chad Jackson.  He was picked up off waivers after competing for a roster spot with the Patriots this past year.  He has a lot of potential as a receiver and return man, this looks like a pretty decent signing on paper.

Denver also signed tackle Matt Murphy who was let go by the Bills this year.  He brings a veteran presence and has seen time at both tackle and tight end which is always useful.

In addition to Jackson and Murphy, Denver moved the recently acquired cornerback Josh Bell to the active roster from the practice squad.  Denver picked up Bell last month, and with Champ getting injured last week he might see some time at any number of positions in the secondary.

The Broncos also added center Greg Eslinger and cornerback Rashod Moulton to their practice squad.


Broncos Week 7 Post-Game Analysis: Denver at New England


This one is going to be short and sweet, Denver got demolished, embarrassed and exposed on a national stage Monday by the Patriots.  The final score was 41 – 7, I had to stop watching at 27 – 0 and a Champ Bailey injury.  The Broncos fall to 4 – 3 on the season with a bye this week.

Some of my favorite quotes from other Bronco fans across the Internet so far basically sum it up…

“I am never embarrassed or ashamed to be a broncos fan, but last night, I came pretty fricking close to it.

After the INT by Lowry was overturned, I left my brothers living room, went into his garage, layed down on the floor, drank my beer, and cried a little.
God dammit.”

“I definitely cried in my beer last night…and this morning”

“im about to commit suicide”

“yeah.. its just $#@!&% great that Boss is out the whole $#@!&% season and Champ is down for 4-6.. $#@!&% awesome. Hate to say it, but we”re lookin to lose for 4-6 now.. well technically 3-5 with the bye.. but either way you turn it.. it $#@!&% sucks.”

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Denver Broncos News: Injuries following Monday Night’s Loss

As if the Denver Broncos needed more bad news after being demolished Monday night 41-7 at the hands of the New England Patriots, they found out that corner back Champ Bailey will be out for 4 to 6 weeks with a groin tear.  Champ suffered the injury during the game Monday, and this is a crushing blow to an already weak defense.  Champ was easily the Broncos best defender this year and this will leave Dre Bly (ugh) likely to fill in against the top receivers the Broncos face this year with rookie Jack Williams taking the other spot.

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Broncos Week 7 Preview: Denver at New England


In week 6 Denver was their own worst enemy.  Turnovers and shoddy defense once again torpedoed a game that the Broncos could have and should have won.  Denver lost to Jacksonville by a final of 24 – 17, and moved to 4 – 2 on the 2008 season.  This week the Broncos travel to New England for a Monday night match up against a Patriots team that is having issues.  My question this week is, are the Patriots so different than Denver right now?

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Broncos Week 6 Post-Game Analysis: Jacksonville at Denver


I knew it.  I just knew I should have stuck with my original preseason prediction in which I said Denver would lose this game.  I guess I let the homer in me come out, and I foolishly put my faith in the Broncos and changed my mind, predicting a win last week.  Despite my faith, Denver managed to frankly piss away some opportunities and dropped their 2nd game of the season by losing to the Jaguars for the 2nd straight year in Denver and moved to 4 – 2 on the season.  The final score was 24 – 17, here is what I saw…

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Broncos Week 6 Preview: Jacksonville at Denver


Denver had an impressive defensive performance in week 5 during their win over Tampa Bay.  The Broncos moved to 4 – 1 on the season and maintain a 2 game lead in the weakened AFC West.  This week the Broncos face a team very similar to the Buccaneers from last week, how will they fair?  Read on to find out what I think!

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Denver Broncos News: Matt Prater named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week

After going 3 for 3 in field goal attempts from 55, 40 and 27 yards, an extra point and 4 out of 5 kickoffs resulting in touch backs Denver kicker Matt Prater will be named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.  This marks the 2nd Bronco in a row to gain NFL Conference honors after quarter back Jay Cutler was named AFC Player of the Month during the month of September.  This certainly answers any questions or doubts so far for me whether or not Prater can replace long-time Bronco icon Jason Elam.

Congratulations Matt!