2008 Predictions

My Prediction for the 2008 Denver Broncos

2008 Preseason Schedule

Week 2: Saturday, August 9th @ Houston
Week 3: Saturday, August 16th Dallas
Week 4: Friday, August 22nd Green Bay
Week 5: Friday, August 29th @ Arizona

I don’t care about preseason really, it will be nice to see some of the new players in action but overall it is meaningless.  More than anything I pray nobody gets hurt, arrested or both.  So no predictions here, other than I predict that I will be happier than a pig in slop to have football back.

2008 Regular Season Schedule

Week 1: Monday, September 8th @ Oakland – Win, this is a match up of the unproven vs. the unproven.  We have the better QB and WR corps though.

Week 2: Sunday, September 14th San Diego – As much as it will pain me to say it, Loss.  We got raped last year at home by the Chargers, no reason to think that will change this year until the Broncos prove it.

Week 3: Sunday, September 21st New Orleans – Win, our home woes won’t continue this year after the San Diego loss and the Saints just don’t have enough to scare me into thinking loss here.

Week 4: Sunday, September 28th @ Kansas City – Win, the Chiefs will be the worst of the division this year.  The improved their defensive line in a big way but not enough to make me think they are that far removed from last year.

Week 5: Sunday, October 5th Tampa Bay – Win, our defense will win this one (wow, after last year that is hard for me to say or realistically think) and Pittman will get a TD against his former squad.

Week 6: Sunday, October 12th Jacksonville – Loss, I think Gerrard is going to eat us for lunch again.

Week 7: Monday, October 20th @ New England – Win! We have taken the last 2 from the Pats with lesser teams, no reason to think that is any different now.  Especially now that they cannot cheat.

Week 8: Bye Week – I predict we will not lose this week

Week 9: Sunday, November 2nd Miami – Win, c’mon it is friggin’ Miami and it’s November in Denver.

Week 10: Thursday, November 6th @ Cleveland – Loss, I personally think Cleveland is the sleeper of the AFC this year.

Week 11: Sunday, November 16th @ Atlanta – Win, Atlanta is going to have a fun year rebuilding.  Jason Elam will score their only points.

Week 12: Sunday, November 23rd Oakland – Win, the Raiders suck.  By this time Russell will have won at least 3 eating championships and Javon Walker will have blown out his knee.  But hey, they have Robert Gallery…..BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Week 13: Sunday, November 30th @ New York Jets – Loss, this will be a great game if both teams are healthy.

Week 14: Sunday, December 7th Kansas City – Win, if it was at Arrowhead this time of year I might sway the other way.  The Chiefs will be well on their way to another good draft pick  by now.

Week 15: Sunday, December 14th @ Carolina – Loss, these “cats” (hahaha see what I did there!) are going to be tough as hell on the ground.

Week 16: Sunday, December 21st Buffalo – Win, and not by a last second field goal this time.

Week 17: Sunday, December 28th @ San Diego – Loss, and a painful one because it might mean the division.  With any luck Philip Rivers dies in a fire during the game at some point.

So there you have it, I think we will go 10 – 6 this year and battle for a wild card spot.  This could easily be another 7 – 9 season though, with so many new pieces and a new defensive coordinator it is all theory right now and hard to tell.  Week 8 is a lock though, call Vegas NOW!


13 Responses to “2008 Predictions”

  1. Owens Says:

    So looks like “ED H” is the man in Denver.

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